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Search Engine Optimization

93% of all online interactions start from a search engine. Yet, many businesses do not invest time or money into search engine optimization (SEO). Nor optimize for local search results.

Let’s find the best approach for your business.

What’s the first thing you do when you realize that you urgently need something? Whether it’s a new barbecue grill, used car, emergency dental appointment, information on how to fix something…

If you’re like me and almost everybody else in the entire world, your first stop is Google. Google and other search engines can be used to research products, find suppliers, and answer almost every burning question that pops into your head.

When you type something into a search engine, it brings back a long list of results. A VERY long list – sometimes millions of pages. Many people don’t even realize there are so many results, because they rarely check past the first or second page. They’ll usually click on whatever is near the top that catches their eye first.

If your business has what I’m looking for, you need to appear as high up in the search results as you possibly can. If you’re not there, that’s a huge chunk of lost potential customers that customers simply won’t make it to your website.

The websites at the top of the search results page aren’t there by chance – they work hard at it. SEO is the art and science of setting up your website to be “Google-friendly,” while also building up its authority in other areas of the internet.

STEALTH includes a basic SEO package with every website we build (with more advanced packages available too). If you already have a website but still want SEO, we can help with that too.

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