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Case Study

Moja Coffee

Moja Coffee is a roastery and coffee shop with locations in North Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver.

In addition to their physical coffee shops, they sell their coffee beans through their online store, and sell wholesale to restaurants throughout Western Canada. They take great pride in selecting the finest beans from around the world to create exceptional coffee.

The Covid-19 pandemic put serious pressure on Moja’s in-person coffee shop business model. They realized the need for a pivot, and turned to STEALTH for help in shifting focus towards online sales.

Moja had a website and online store, but felt that it wasn’t as effective as it could be. They wanted to improve the user experience and customer conversion rate, and to implement campaigns that would get more customers visiting the website.

Website and Web Store Revamp

We added new graphics and adjusted page layouts, giving Moja a clean, minimal, attractive website that showed off their finest qualities. We adjusted the font for easier reading, and we added a Call-to-Action button in the website intro, directing visitors to the store.

We also gave the navigation menu the ability to “float” down the page as a user scrolls, ensuring they have access to whichever pages they want to see, at all times. Especially the shop.

We made general improvements in the store, added new products, improved product descriptions, and added a Grind Style Guide to all coffee bean products.

They were previously using a paid app for product variation in the store. On top of charging them monthly, this app was inflexible and cumbersome. We switched them away from that and implemented a more manageable and cost-effective method of product control.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Our Google Ads campaigns performed well almost immediately, with a quick impact on sales.

In July 2022, sales were up by 5% compared to the same month in the prior year. Then in August 2022, orders were up 21% over the prior year!

Since we are early in the SEO process (which can take at least 3 months), we have no results to share yet. Early signs are positive and we will update this page with future progress.

Product Photos

We took some Moja Coffee product photos in the STEALTH studio.

These will be great for the store, and useful for future marketing campaigns.

Have a look!