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Another Monday rolls around and you stare into your coffee cup, contemplating the day, organizing your week in your mind, yawning. Mondays can be a bit hard to take, especially when it follows a lovely summer weekend where your hardest decision was which patio to hit for the evening. 

You’ve lost perspective. You are caught up in the lists of the week and not the big picture. No one would blame you for gazing longingly out at the sun-soaked morning, wishing your office would disappear. 

Take a second to step back and regain perspective about your job. After all, you work there for a reason and these reasons are still there, even if it is Monday. If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, I have a suggestion for you! Make a list of things about your company or industry that make it all worthwhile.

Here’s mine to get you started. It’s just a few of the great things about working for a growing web design company.

1.  You can work from almost anywhere.

At Stealth, we have our main office in Saskatoon but also have offices in Edmonton and Calgary where we meet with clients. We’re a boutique agency, sure, but technology makes it possible for us to spread ourselves around and still get our work done.

Our web design team communicates over Skype and email and even occasionally by the good old phone. If there is an internet connection and cell service, I can work. Travel to Edmonton and Calgary from Saskatoon is pretty simple and most web design questions for clients can be answered via email. We’ve come a long way from the cubicle under florescent lights.

2. Awesome office spaces.

Web design companies are generally naturally creative, being populated by graphic designers, coders and marketers. All these people like working with other creative people and in creative spaces. That’s why tech startups are frequently showcased for their engaging workspaces

When your workers are spread around, shared workspaces can also do the trick. Web design isn’t always the most interactive work, especially for the stereotypical basement coder; shared workspaces can be a real treat for creatives sitting at a computer all day with only Skype or Google Hangout to chat with. 

Saskatoon has a great shared workspace in the TwoTwenty downtown. Calgary rents space to the creative community with Assembly, Accelerator YYC and Cowork YYC (the list has been growing!) and Edmonton is building their web design, tech, startup community with Startup Edmonton and Unit B.

3.  Your work helps other businesses grow.

Since 2008, the phrase “times are tough” is a small phrase with a lot of heartache and stress behind it. Business is slow and in many cases our communities need a boost and some optimism about the future.

At Stealth, we love where we live, whether this is Saskatoon, Edmonton or Calgary and we want to help businesses there find their niche and grow. We believe that having good online marketing is the key for many businesses to not only get established, but to grow into a global market.

Then we get to hear great stories about how a new website really made a difference to someone’s bottom line. Maybe it helped them expand their business or hire new employees. That’s great for our communities and we love to be part of that.

4.  Eventually, every business and organization will need a website.

That means that as a web designer, we get to meet some really great people and learn about their cool, innovative or inspiring new ideas. Then you get back to number 3 – helping their business grow.

Working as we do for companies in Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton, designing websites and helping businesses learn about marketing, we meet a lot of people and learn about a lot of different business models. And that’s pretty amazing.


Where do you work? What are the little gems about your job that can make your whole week?


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