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It’s because web design is where creative and technical get together and make cyborg baby. 


No, not really. But how cool would that be? Read on to find out what I’m really talking about, friends!


Web design is a really competitive industry. Google Calgary Web Design, and you’ll see a good eight pages (that’s where I stopped anyway) of companies that offer web design services.

This competition is healthy in a lot of ways – because the barriers to entry in the industry are pretty low (hey I have photoshop and have heard of HTML. I can design you an awesome site!), having a lot of choice allows businesses to shop around, get the best. 

If, as a designer or developer, someones isn’t doing the job they promised, they’ll get weeded out. Another hungry up and comer is only too happy to take their place.

Web design is no different than any other business. Compete, figure out how to grow and protect what you’ve built at all costs.




I think the most amazing part about web design (including development) is the relative ease with which we share.

Like any creative industry, web designers and developers pull ideas from other places, take these ideas and shape them into something new.

Web design is design on a different level and is closer to programming than to painting or even designing for print. The programs you use, the CSS you can implement, the programming techniques you need to know about before you even get started can be a limitation, or a boost, to a web designer’s creative genius.

There is a certain level of technical know-how that goes into good design (including knowing what crazy ideas programmers can actually implement) and when we share this technical knowledge, we build amazing things.


This sharing spirit is perhaps even more evident in programming. 

Programmers are quite often open collaborators. If they find out how to do something amazing, pretty soon you’ll see snippets of code and conversation threads on sharing sites like GitHub. Although in some cases coders keep their secrets close to their hoodies, quite often they share what they know.

This makes for a fantastic collaborative community that allows even small start ups to accomplish some amazing things and put together some beautiful web designs.

This also means that web design companies can be relatively small and still compete with some big players. Share, innovate, create something new and watch the technology improve to meet our craziest creations.


So keep on sharing you wonderful web designers and creators! We’re building some of the most visually stunning and technically advanced sites ever and it is incredible!


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