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Why Mobile-First Design?

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Modern internet users are browsing the internet on their phone over 70% of the time, so why do a portion of websites still not respond to mobile browsing? At STEALTH, we are redefining our design process to incorporate mobile-first and responsive web design strategies. In doing so, we hope to build websites that are effective in reaching target audiences on both mobile and desktop browsing. Here are three reasons that STEALTH has decided to make this change:

Leave Space to Expand

If your website is as cluttered as this desk on desktop, just try fitting all that content on a mobile-page (likely you’ll find a lot of the content going into the recycling bin or lost forever).

If a website is built on desktop first, trying to scale the site to be mobile-compatible usually requires content and/or features to be removed for the sake of functionality on a smaller screens and processing systems. Attempting to keep all the functionality and content of a full desktop site may cause the mobile site to feel cluttered, disorganized, or incompatible.

Size Matters

Cramming all the content into your mobile design is not going to function in the user-friendly manner that a website needs to have.

“The drive for mobile first design should be focused on screen time” (source). Most people get their online information from their phone, tablet, computer, smart watch, tv, etc. If we are building websites that are built for desktop while trying to target phone users our process is ineffective (and vice versa).

Stay Focused

Exercise takes a lot of work. So does building a functional and effective website. Don’t lose sight of your target.

Due to the smaller screen size, everything must be refined. On mobile, you must only use the vital information which forces you to streamline your message and pinpoint your target audience. From the mobile design, you can then increase the content on the desktop version to create a robust message for your website. Instead of using your editor glasses to chop out content and features, you get to use your creativity cap to build upon the core values that your website is built upon.

If you’re ready to revamp your website and think that mobile first web design is worth a shot, get in touch with STEALTH for a free estimate.


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