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Where Saskatchewan Creatives Collaborate: Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

Once a year, Saskatchewan artists unite in Regina to celebrate ‘home grown’ creative talent. The most highly anticipated showcase of prairie artistry and style trends, Saskatchewan Fashion Week is a spectacular exposition of local talent and craft in all bodies of design.

As an artist of any kind, SFK in Regina is where you need to be this spring.

Saskatchewan Fashion Week is a province wide exhibition of some of our brightest and best designers, retailers and artists. Featuring not only the runway production of local fashion retailers and collections, but of all creative design industries in Saskatchewan. SFW is committed to creating a prestigious experience that celebrates entrepreneurial talent and innovation generated in our province.

Not a fashionista? Don’t write this off just yet.

The greatest part about SFW is that the local industry talent showcases a collaboration of all genres of art. Hair and makeup artistry, graphic and web design, event planning, photography, music… just to name a few. I really do mean it when I say that there is something for everyone.

Beyond the suave and luxurious atmosphere that SFW offers, it is one of the best reasons to dress up and enjoy a night out in downtown Regina. While being inspired by the vast array of artistic talent, you will enjoy the food, company, and ambiance of this exclusive event.

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Sask Fashion Week in Regina proves its ability to compare to the glamor and charm of the big city experience. You will feel like a movie star as you indulge in the luxury – but at the same time, your friends and family (maybe even you) are the ones in the spotlight. They’re designing the clothes, styling the hair, taking the photographs and the ones walking the runway.

An incredible creative collaboration of Saskatchewan artists, this event is powered by a strong community fuelled by inspiration and motivation. While the Saskatchewan Fashion Week committee works hard to maintain a prestigious experience, it flourishes and feeds on the support of our community.

Not a movie star? Didn’t get a formal handwritten invitation sent by pigeon post? There’s a party in Regina on May 12th-14th, and everyone is invited. 

Take in creative trends, support local artisans and revel in the incredible homegrown experience that is Saskatchewan Fashion Week. This unparalleled showcase of creativity will be a highlight of your year – and odds are, it will leave you inspired.

Get more details on this event and buy tickets here.


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