July 6, 2018
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Summer Events 2018: Edmonton Edition
May 31, 2018

It’s practically June, which means that summer is truly (...finally!) upon us. Summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors and take part in the diverse experiences that Edmonton offers.
We’ve compiled a list summer events that should definitely be put in your day planner.

From Farm To Table: Market Tour & Cooking Class (June 9) - If organic food is your jam and you're interested in learning how to use it well, sign up for this amazing class!

Sustainival (June 7-10) - Enjoy the perks of mini-donuts, scavenger hunts, and all the other carnival events at the carnival that is run entirely with green energy!

a brightly coloured chair swing with green and yellow seats appears in movement with multiple people enjoying the swing. set against a cloudless blue sky

Freewill Shakespeare Theatre (June 19-July 15) - This year’s productions include the The Comedy of Errors and Hamlet. Enjoy the open-air amphitheatre and discover your inner love of Shakespeare.

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival (July 10-15) - Take in the amazing artists who perform, paint, and party like no other. Make sure to bring some spare cash for those truly talented artists.

two gentleman are seated playing acoustic guitar, both wearing blue shirts and khaki coloured bottoms. A slightly blurred out crowd stands around to watch them

Taste of Edmonton (July 19-28) - Foodies rejoice! Taste of Edmonton is here to satisfy your tastebuds and pique your cultural interests! Enjoy diverse dishes from international pavilions.

Servus Marathon (August 18-19) - For those of you who enjoy running, this Boston-qualifier race is the event for you. We hope you’ve been training, because we definitely have not.

a bunch or runners are mid-motion near the edmonton, alberta waterfront. a male at the front wears a red shirt and vibrant lime green hat.

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Edmonton Fringe Festival (August 16-26) - This 10 day festival is the perfect place to enjoy eclectic art, theatre, and film. Grab your popcorn (and beverage of choice) and prepare to be entertained.

Edmonton Prospects (various dates all summer) - If you’re a sports person, nothing is better than taking in a good ole ball game on a hot summer day. Check out the schedule and don’t forget to bring your ball glove.

a baseball player wearing a white jersey and black hat has just released the baseball as a player from the opposing team wearing a grey jersey and red batting helmet slides into the base.

Image Source

    We hope that you have an amazing summer of food, family, fun, and fantastic adventures!


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