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Web Design Trends for Your Edmonton Company

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At Stealth, we are always looking to stay on top of the latest trends, whether that be design, office furniture, or website content. If your Edmonton company’s website is feeling a little dated and you think it’s time for a web design update, then here are a few of the trends circulating the web you might want to consider.

Custom Design and Illustrations

The days of stock photos and cookie-cutter websites are fading. At Stealth, our web design team strives to keep all of our web design relevant and unique. Our talented design team is ready to create brand new design elements for your Edmonton company.


Check out their full site, here.

Variable Fonts

This design feature is proof that technology is constantly advancing. Variable fonts allow the designer to customize the width, height, and spacing of a font depending on the type of screen it is being displayed on. Gone are the days of oversized letters on your mobile phone or unreadable typeface on your desktop.


A row of all upper case letters, followed by lower case letters with moveable ascenders and descenders

Image Source

Micro Animations

If you want your Edmonton company’s web design to stand above the crowd, unique micro animations are one way to do that. Stealth has been programming micro animations for a while now, and it is our programming staff’s favourite challenge. The possibilities are endless for your Edmonton company.

A screen shot of the NAEJA-RGM homepage containing white script on a teal background with white moving particles


If you’re ready for a timeless but trendy website, get in touch with Stealth. We are ready to take your Edmonton web design to the next level. Check out our portfolio to see some of the previous sites we have developed.


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