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5 Beautifully Affordable Tips: Web Design on a Budget Made Simple

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They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we know everyone judges books by their covers, and first impressions are far more important than most people care to admit. In the Age of the Internet, the first impression of your business comes primarily from your website. 

Your website should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and simply provide a great user experience. Most importantly, your website needs to be coded such that it attracts search engines. No matter how revolutionary your product and incredible your service, it will be challenging to sell if your website does not show up in search engines. Among the millions of websites on the Internet, yours needs to stand out – and that is why neglecting web design is a grave mistake. 

Many companies, especially start-ups and those that have yet to break even, are reluctant to invest in web design and often relegate the task to newbies and amateurs. While this may help save money in the short-term, it actually costs in terms of sales and can obstruct the growth of the business. Many other Ottawa businesses struggle to find Ottawa web design companies that understand their needs and can design a beautiful, effective, and easy-to-use website within their budget.

You have three options as a Calgary business, if you want web design on a budget. First, you could create your own website using off-the-shelf software. However, if you do not have technical expertise, your website could end up – for the lack of a better word – a hot mess.

Second, you could use customizable website design tools that provide templates for you to build your website. In this case, it is unlikely that your website will stand out as many others will also have access to the same templates. 

The third option is to enlist the help of a Calgary web design agency to create a website that meets your requirements within your budget. Yes, you will have to invest money into it, but you will get a more valuable return on the investment. Professional web designers focus on both aesthetics (look and feel of the website) and functionality (how the website works), ensuring that your business gets the attention it needs. 

Luckily, you can save money even if you hire a Vancouver web design company to build your website. Read below for tips on how to get a great website within your budget:

1. Choose a nifty domain name

Domain names can cost anywhere from just 99 cents to thousands of dollars. You can check the price of possible domain names on websites such as ICANN WHOIS, and find a cheaper name that reflects your company’s unique identity. You may also be able to find a cheaper domain name by choosing .org or .net instead of the regular .com. Because your company is Vancouver-based, .ca is also a great option. 

2. Draft a list of website features you want:

Before finding a web design agency, you should have a clear idea of what sort of features you want in your website. Do you want a company blog? Do you want testimonial videos on the home page? Do you need a customer dashboard?

Once you decide what features you want, you can consult with a web design professional to discuss their costs. If all of the desired features do not fit into your budget, you can prioritize and eliminate those that are not necessary. 

3. Find sample websites:

Researching sample websites that you would like yours to emulate is an important step in getting great web design on a budget. Find a few different websites that you like, and ask your web designer how much it would cost to create a similar one. Not only will this give the designer an idea of what you are looking for, but it will also help you decide which kind of website is within your budget.

4. Have fewer pages:

Each additional page of a website requires time, effort, and money. Consider adding only as many pages as necessary, and eliminating those that are optional. 

5. Use free photos:

Photos cost money. To reduce image costs, you can either use images that you already own or free stock photos. While many stock photos, especially those by professional photographers can be expensive, you can find many free photos online as well.

Tedious loading times, broken links, and confusing text can drive clients away from your business. Luckily, you can use the tips given above to make sure you get professional web design services at a reasonable cost so that your website is not only visually and functionally pleasing, but also helps grow your business.

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If you’ve reached the end of this blog and are feeling overwhelmed, don’t be! You are an expert in your industry, you don’t need to be one in ours too!

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