Why Stealth

It’s more than just hiring the best agency, it’s about finding your team. A team that is willing to take your wildest ideas and make them a reality.

Our Mission

To create the most effective tools and strategies for our clients, that provide value through storytelling, information, emotion, and entertainment -- with the belief that the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Not convinced? Here are some other reasons to partner with us.


Award-Winning Quality.

We value quality products and services that challenge the standard, by standing out.

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North America's Top SEO Agency.

We value the work it takes to get 1% better every day. We apply the rule of consistent improvement to everything we do, including helping your website rank higher.

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Loyal, Lifelong Clients.

We value partnerships. Getting to know you and your businesses and brands allows us to create the most lasting, memorable brand experiences in the minds of your customers through quality, emotion-driven storytelling.

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Local Canadian Talent in Every Division.

We value an inclusive and fun, but professional culture for the team working behind the scenes and alongside your business. Come meet us face-to-face, have a coffee and learn what inspires us to create for your brand.

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Custom - Just Like You.

We value diversity, originality and shattering boundaries. Whatever it takes for you to succeed, we can build that marketing plan with exactly what you need to crush your goals.

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Our Manifesto


Give us a Challenge

Complacency is the enemy of great work.


We Work For Your Customers

We may have to take their side at times.


We Are Not Suppliers

Partnership gets the best results.


Trust Us

You hired us because we do something you cannot.


We Don't Give Answers

Unless we can explore your question.


Invest in us

Our work adds to your bottom line, so invest in our future.