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The thing about writing your opinions about trends, or news, or anything really, versus just telling everyone you meet, is that (unfortunate) indelible record of your opinion. Which may have since gone by the wayside.

So, with the fear that this will come back to haunt me, I am weighing in with my opinion on this important topic.


Yup, we’ve been here before. You’re not wrong.

Apple, now the richest company in history, has finally unveiled the much anticipated Apple Watch to what we presume are the collective oohs and aaaahs of Apple fan-people from Cupertino, CA to Gander, NL.

I mean, just look at it.

Now, my relationship with Apple products is mixed at best. I like my iPhone but am by no means hooked to it 24/7. I use an old iPod willingly and love the run my fingers over every new Mac computer, laptop and device in Future Shop. 

However, I don’t love my MacBook. I wouldn’t get another. Especially since the new MacBook’s USB C connection is getting some – shall we say – mixed reviews

If the situation arose, I would not shy away from purchasing an Galaxy or other Android phone in the future, either.

So with all that out there, you can judge if I’m giving some biased opinion on the Apple Watch and the place I predict it will have in our technical zeitgeist in the next few years.

In case the suspense is killing you, I’ll give you a spoiler:

It won’t be much. 

But it will be something. 

(My fence is very comfortable, thank you for asking.)

Why It Will be Something

In a few words: because it’s neat.

In a few more: because we’ve been waiting a long time for a Dick Tracey-esque device. A wearable super computer that is oh so cool, powerful, beautifully designed and cleverly marketed.

I have zero doubt that Apple will do all right in the wearable market with this little gem.

As expressed in this Wired article, with which I agree, the Apple Watch frees up some time. Your phone is ALL THE WAY in your pocket! Mourn the lost seconds and nano-seconds pulling that device out every time it buzzes, beeps or otherwise demands attention!

Joking aside, it is convenient. Your smart watch will let you know what your phone is up to so that you can leave it in the bottom of your purse when you find out that it’s your Aunt Myrtle texting to tell you what Uncle Bill had for lunch. That’s a win.

And it is beautifully designed. Unlike its predecessors (Pebble and the Samsung Smart Watch), Apple has once again done what it does best – designed the pants off a solid piece of tech.

The Watch is also a fairly important piece of the evolution of tech into smaller chips, smaller processors and improved battery life that will make all future tech just a bit faster, longer lasting, and more convenient for what people actually use it for. That’s another win for everyone, not just techies that love gadgets (gadgeties?)

Why It Won’t Be Much

It’s just not quite enough to make the majority of the world abandon their current disdain for watches. Or their desire to wear watches that are a status symbol and not a symbol of your Apple fandom. It’s why Rolex continues to roll on while other watch sales are on the decline.

In a few words: it’s not a game changer.

As I’ve said before, Apple iPads, iPods and iPhones were game changers. People really wanted them because they were the first truly useful and well-designed touch screen devices widely available.

It was surprising and appealing, and people were lining up to see and touch and buy.

The Apple Watch isn’t different enough. It’s a smartphone, shrunk to aggravatingly small proportions and planted on a bracelet. 

The very thing that makes us want to buy (it’s neat!) is the very thing that will doom it to a relatively small market (relative to other smart devices that is). 

“Sure, the Apple Watch is neat, but I think I’d rather get a new phone.” 

“Yeah, that is beautifully designed, but I think I’ll put it towards a new laptop.”

“Cool! When I have an extra $349, I might get one! After I get a phablet.”

There are now too many options for personal computing. The Apple Watch won’t capture the market and the awe of a generation with this one.

Good try though. It is pretty! I might get one. Or I might get one of these

Think I’m wrong? Planning on buying one?

If you do, are you willing to give us a review?


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