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Urgent Action Needed!

The way people shop for everything has radically changed

How to Save Your Business from the Shocking After-Effects of the Pandemic

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If you are looking to grow your business in spite of these trying times, I have an important message.

The way people shop for everything has radically changed over the past three years

It's true. The combination of inflation and changes in technology have created a “perfect storm” that has completely changed the ways that people make their buying decisions. And that means that the traditional advertising and marketing vehicles you have used in the past will not work the way they used to.

The rules have changed!
Almost every tool you may have used in the past has come under attack as people have changed the way they get their information — everything from traditional advertising like radio, TV and newspapers, to word-of-mouth referrals has changed.

Where do you go to for advice?

Years ago, I was suffering from a painful elbow “stress injury.” Now, the fact is, pretty much any Doctor or physiotherapist can help with that kind of injury. But I had it in my head that I needed to see a “sports doctor” An expert.

Did I go to the yellow pages, under “Doctors” and start phoning for an appointment? No. I turned to friends for advice- runners who tortured their bodies every day and invariably ended up in physio or a doctor's office to fix their self-imposed damage.

I'm sure you've done the same — turned to relatives, friends or co-workers for advice when you needed a plumber, dentist, mechanic or roofer.

But these days, instead of cornering your friend, you probably just turn to google or a social media chat room before ever turning to your personal contacts. And just like personal referrals, other types of traditional advertising have lost much of their ability to influence buyers.

Your traditional advertising has lost its power.

Traditional Advertising

It's not just word of mouth advertising that has changed.

If you advertise on TV, getting eyes on your ads has gotten way tougher because of streaming services like Netflix, Prime and Disney. If you have been driving customers to your business with ads in newspapers, on radio, billboards or with flyers, those tactics don't work like they used to.

Oh, people might still see or hear your ad. But now, even if you get their attention, their first action is to jump on their smartphone or computer. And if your name doesn't pop right up at the top of the list when they search, you've probably lost them. Worse - you have just spent your ad dollars getting business for one of your competitors!

If your business doesn't have a powerful and effective web presence - you lose!

Just having a me-too website no-longer works to generate business.

If your business does show up at the top of the list, what happens when they get to your website? Was it designed to sell? Does it excite them and actually generate a lead or a call or an appointment or a sale? The odds are against it. I'm sorry to have to say this, but...

Most web sites absolutely SUCK at actually creating new customers for your business.

Traditional Advertising

And today's consumers are not patient shoppers. If they don't immediately get a terrific user experience — they're gone!

Look, if your marketing systems and web site are already working together like a well-oiled machine, generating tons of new clients and great employees for your business, then great.

And if they continue performing for you as the economy continues to evolve, fantastic!

Don't change a thing.

But if, like over 90% of companies and professionals everywhere, you have a me-too, next-to-useless website (or no website at all), then please read on — because we just might have a solution for you to change all that.

Why most websites FAIL.

It takes less than 1 second for users to decide whether they like your site or not - whether they'll stay or say bye-bye!


of people will leave the site if images won't load with speed


of online consumers won't return to a site after a bad experience

Slow-loading websites account for

$2.6 billion

in lost sales every year

Traditional Advertising

Over half of all ecommerce revenue comes through mobile devices


of small business websites lack a Call to Action on their homepage like a phone or click button


of negative website feedback is design related

Google says that


of users won't return to your site on mobile if they have trouble accessing it and


go to a competitor's site instead


of consumers judge a company's credibility based on their website


of people who search for a type of business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours

What do all those statistics really mean to you and your business?

They all speak to the fact that website visitors are not patient. At all. They don't have time for anything broken, confusing or boring.

90% of websites out there may be useless, but yours doesn't have to be one of them.

You can have a website and marketing system that will generate a steady flow of new clients, patients, customers, employees, or evangelists for your business. In the coming months and years, it's going to be almost impossible to compete in business without a great response-generating website and traffic generation system. And to get that you need much more than a plain jane website that just anybody can build you.

You need actual direct response marketing expertise. You need design, programming, copywriting and video production skills. You need professional traffic management, search engine optimization, social media management and media buying. You need a marketing team who will work directly with you to create a lead and sales generation machine that performs for you - 24-7.

We build rapid-response websites that generate a steady flow of prospects for your business or professional practice.
Rapid Response

We are STEALTH Media and we can help.

Websites and marketing systems that captivate, connect, and convert.

Many businesses have struggled to keep their heads above water through the pandemic. I hope you have come through it, as many have, stronger and leaner. We're still facing challenging times. Inflation, supply-chain issues, international conflicts and government overreach still threaten all of us. But if you're like the best of us, you're not going to take it lying down. You're going to fight back against the fear and inertia that paralyze many businesses.

If you're ready to face the challenge - we're here to help.

We afford to wait for “word of mouth” business. You can no-longer ignore your advertising and marketing systems. You can no-longer assume the loyalty of your customer base. We can help you take that first step forward to dramatically grow your business. Because… You need to use every skill and weapon in your business arsenal to bring back customers, clients, patients and great employees… You can no-longer afford to sit back and wait for the cash register to ring.

Take Action

You need to take action.

You must use every available resource to stand out in the crowd - and bring both existing and new customers back through your doors. Buying habits have changed. People in general are spending more time and money - online. They find it easier and more accessible to find and buy products with AMAZON - delivered on time and delivered to their door.

Most companies do not understand how to compete and implement the necessary changes. You need a proven process to get customers off their butts and through your doors, on your website or on the phone and ordering your products again and again.

We can help you get your prospects flowing to your business, instead of away from it.

Let's face it. Most of your competitors will keep doing things exactly like they did prior to the current events. And because of that, many won't survive.

Why? Because most of the dollars in the market are going to flow towards aggressive, motivated marketers. Marketers who use the right media with the right message in the right market.

If you aren't grabbing the attention of your prospects when they need you, someone else will!

Up until now many otherwise savvy entrepreneurs and professionals have approved websites that are little more than fancy business cards. But think about it. Would you invest your valuable advertising dollars on a TV or Radio ad that that said nothing more than, “We Sell Cars.” or “We're Chiropractors.” Or “We supply fertilizer.” Of course not! There's a lot of crappy advertising on TV, Radio and in print. But even the worst ads usually try a little harder than that.

So why would you accept that from a website? The truth is most websites aren't much more than boring placeholders - digital business cards. Oh sure, some of them can look kind of cool - for a few seconds. Until you realize they are little better than what you could expect from an old-fashioned glossy brochure, left to gather dust on some out-of-the-way coffee table. Wasted time. Wasted money.

Websites should inspire response. They should sell!

Stealth Media designs websites that sell with rapid-response marketing strategies that drive prospects to your website and from your website to your business - in droves. Whether the objective of your site is to generate leads, make sales, attract employees, inform investors or enhance your established brand, your site will be designed to achieve your goals.

A great website should be the foundation of your entire marketing system.

Your website should be a key element of your marketing campaigns. Providing a consistent message and brand image with every advertising medium you use will exponentially multiply the return you get on your marketing investments.

STEALTH Media is the only agency with both web design and direct marketing experience to help coordinate all of your marketing media.

We deliver a continuous abundance of better customers, employees and evangelists for your business.

Our goal is to work with you to design a website that will act as the hub of your marketing systems.To generate lots of new patrons. To help you grow your enterprise. And to be a partner in your continuing success. When you are successful - we are successful. We have a skilled team of marketing advisors, writers, designers, developers and videographers waiting to work as part of your team.

Working with STEALTH is like having your
own, fully staffed, world class, web design
and marketing department.

Remember : the way people shop for everything has radically changed… You need to change to accommodate that. You need to take action, to protect and grow your business.

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