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So you want to start a business in Toronto?

Been in Canada long? If so, doubtless you’ve heard the mostly good natured ribbing that Toronto receives from the rest of Canada. Especially during hockey season. Heard this one?

Q: What do the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Titanic have in common?
A: They both look good until they hit the ice!

Cue polite laughter. All joking aside, though, Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and as such, has a wealth of opportunities for local businesses to carve out a niche. With over 2.6 million residents, a median household income of $76,000 and Canada’s highest priced housing market, there are consumers for a wide range and variety of businesses.

The catch? Companies have already tuned into the fact that Toronto has opportunities galore, and have set up shop, online and in the real world. As a burgeoning entrepreneur wanting a little slice of the Toronto pie, you will have to be savvy with your marketing, including your Toronto web design, to get results.

Opportunities you say?

Most Canadian cities and provinces have their own economic culture, and everyone in Canada is basically aware that if you want to set up shop for a particular industry, this is where you go. Toronto has always been known for big banks and finance, head offices and investments.

What does this generalization miss? Toronto’s cultural and economic diversity. As in, the gravitational pull on money and people that almost 2 million consumers generates is enough to create a variety of business that is staggering. Just Googling Toronto Web Design shows pages upon pages of companies successful in creating marketing campaigns for the gamut of Toronto industries and businesses.

So if you have a unique idea, bring it. If we’re your Toronto marketing company, we’ll take your zany product or service to your niche.

Toronto Web Design with a Different Flavour

So what’s a little guy to do to get some attention in Canada’s largest city? Local search results depend a lot on good design. Toronto web design needs to include a lot of local friendly SEO. Good Toronto web design companies that know their market should be able to give you a boost in your local market for searches pertaining to your industry.

Whether that means capturing your really local market as a new restaurant or boutique, or a wider market for a city within the Greater Toronto Area, targeted SEO can leverage Google maps, social media and other websites to best advantage.

Marketing for Diversity

According to statistics on Toronto, it is the most multicultural cities in earth, with almost 50% of the population comprised of visible minorities, and just under 50% of the population reports that english is not their first language. (Thanks, Wikipedia.) So what does that mean for your website?

Toronto web design needs to speak to your specific market, taking care to be sensitive to cultural differences, and zeroing in on your unique value proposition as it applies to culture, language, or ethnic background.

Your Toronto marketing team should be able to help you decide if capturing individuality or appealing to inclusivity is your strongest marketing angle.

What about languages?

Well, as your Toronto web design company, we can provide a CMS that is easy to update in a range of languages. So what do you say, you budding Toronto entrepreneur? Are you ready to tackle the opportunities that Toronto has to offer?


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