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Regina is the capital city in Saskatchewan, and as such has a few tourist draws that you would expect from the seat of the provincial legislature.

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The legislation buildings for one. The Leg in Regina is an imposing and austere place with all the hallmarks of its age and gravity. A tour around the historical buildings is a worthwhile experience for political junkies, history buffs and architects alike.

A quick browse of TripAdvisor reveals a bounty of similar cultural attractions: the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Government House, the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame.

Memories of school trips abound. The list is striking in its historical and social significance, but once we’ve seen these attractions, do we ever return?

The last time you visited Regina, what did you do? Take in German Expressionists and their

Contemporaries at the MacKenzie? Perused Sportsmen in our Armed Forces at the Sask Sports Hall of Fame?

Or were you there to cheer on the green and white at the new Mosaic Stadium?

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My guess is that you were last there to do the latter. Which is great! The new stadium is beautifully built and sports are as much part of the culture as anything else.

The question is: why there and not the others?

My guess is that the game offered a bit more in the way of excitement, engagement and interactivity. You might love to see a new exhibit and love to refresh on Saskatchewan history, but we are drawn to action and excitement!

So how can the more austere cultural touchstones of Regina compete? How can Regina design museums and historical landmarks that pull at our attention?


Adding a Bit More


Museums in cities around the world are embracing news ways to engage, and re-engage, the public by searching out new ways to add 21st Century relevance.

Augmented reality features add an element of interactivity to museums and educational facilities that were previously hands off and still life.

Imagine spicing up Regina’s cultural life with the technology that made Pokemon Go a tour de force. From engaging users with additional background information through their smartphone, to cleverly placed holographs and interactive games, technology can bring depth and life to museums, art galleries and science centres.

Check these out!

Engaging with users today is more about the internet and good web design than ever before. There are so many online platforms that can enhance your connection with visitors not just when they are in Regina, but anytime they are online.

Leveraging new tech can be a big investment, but the cost of well designed platforms, cloud services, video equipment and photography is within reach with the right plan.

Fresh ideas could turn all of Regina’s best attraction into a huge draw for visitors and residents alike.




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