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You know that friend you’ve had since college? That guy/gal who’s just always kind of been around? You don’t really think about him too much, but you know he’s still there.

He’s a bit behind the times, clinging to the old college days. She’s still sporting “distressed” jeans and crop tops and watches re-runs of Friends. He still thinks that saying “Yeah, baby!” à la Austin Powers is the funniest thing ever.


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Goooood times! So many memories.


Despite this, you feel committed. After all, he was your first best friend. You invested a lot in the friendship when you met and you got a lot out of it! Austin Powers was pretty funny back then.

Admit it, though. Over the years, you’ve put less into this friendship. You call her up once in a while, share a laugh, cringe a little at the overplayed jokes. You even make plans to get together sometime. You’re just so busy…

Maybe you don’t want to let go. After all, he’s still there for you sometimes. He helped you move. Well, he came and drank your beer and lifted a few of the lighter boxes anyway. 

Mostly, you’ve just grown apart. You’ve moved on from your college days. You have other interests. You need to talk about different things. And truth be told, she’s a little embarrassing to take out with your other friends.


My dear reader, this friend is your old website.

That’s right. That website that you built back when we still said Web 2.0. The website that got you your first clients. That website that now looks sad, dated and rundown.


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Remember these guys? Does your website remember them? If so, we need to chat…


You might feel it’s too much work to invest in a new friendship, to put the thought and effort into cultivating something different. Something unfamiliar.

We hear you. We really do. But we’re looking out for your best interests. Your old website is bringing you down. It’s not letting you truly shine. We don’t like to force the issue. But really, it’s time to let it go.

We’re here for you. We’re designing websites for the future but we appreciate all you’ve been through to get where you are. So we’ll design something great that bridges that gap between your first true friendship and the friendship that will take you to new heights.


You know it’s time to let go. When you’re ready, we’ll introduce you to some great new people.


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