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People for Hire

Calgary has one of the best educated workforces in Canada and that workforce has had about enough of the boom and bust cycle of the oil industry.

So what we have here is an experienced pool of human resource managers, accountants, project managers and even engineers looking for a new way to spend their intellectual capital. With you and your fabulous company! Where once smaller companies that couldn’t compete with oil field salaries brought in economic migrants to fill their needs, there’s now a local workforce to tap into. Yay for opportunities!

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The Echo of the Boom

Despite our general inability to save for the future, Calgary has inadvertently set itself up for a strong future, at least as far as bricks and mortar go.

A decade long commercial building boom has left our skyline filled with beautifully designed homages to glass and metal. New offices that broke ground prior to the bust are just getting wrapped up and these new, world class office and business high rises are available for lease.

Additionally, compared to our western prairie neighbours, our road, transit and utilities infrastructure is in decent nick. Keeping it in shape into the future given the massive network we’ve built through years of sprawl might be a different pickle, but for now we can enjoy a sharp looking business district with plenty of room for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

So let us not despair, fellow Calgarians. We could be looking at a different future for our beautiful city, one not tied so tightly to our one old, familiar horse.

So get ready to grab the future, budding business person! Call Stealth and let us help you get on the road to success!


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