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Designers around the world are drooling all over their computer screens today as Microsoft introduced their newest addition to the Surface family:

The Studio PC.

STEALTH Media hinge


This is next level web design stuff folks, and Microsoft believes we can all be creators.


We’re talking rich colours, next generation accessories and so many pixels, your 4K TV will look like regular HD. The coolest addition (in my opinion), is the Studio dial, which works with haptic feedback and allows you to adjust your colour palette on the fly. The mobility of this PC makes it a true workspace for digital art and web design.


STEALTH Media dial


Check out this overview from The Verge, and see if your inner designer has suddenly awakened.


Even to Apple fans such as myself, this new Studio introduction has captured my attention.  Yes, this current product may be aimed at designers, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is going away for the rest of us. They’ve reminded people that they are here to play  – and I for one, am watching for their next product offering.

While I’m sitting here contemplating how I could justify needing this beautiful new Studio, I ask you this:


Is Microsoft posing to be the next Apple?  Let us know in the comments below!


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