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As you know, here at Stealth we LOVE technology.

Designer tools like the Microsoft Dial? Check.

Visors that allow you to ride your self-balancing motor cycle? You better believe it.




So, let me tell you how I feel about Amazon Go –  the technology that may just disrupt the retail environment as we know it.

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Imagine being able to wander the store and put things right into a bag and leave, without having to take everything out of your cart and put it back into your bags; or your card ever having to leave your wallet. The virtual shopping cart has finally come to life in a big way.

This is the type of thing that consumers dream about, and we marketers live for.

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Take a look at the new Amazon Go commercial here, and tell me if you don’t think that is incredible.



And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Technology is allowing us to pursue web design, social media and marketing in a whole new way. We are breaking through wall after wall, and discovering new ways to communicate, create and connect.

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We can make web design more interactive, easier to use and beautiful – an experience as well as a utility. We can connect with you through your handheld devices and customize advertising experiences based on your likes.



What do you think? Is this convenient or creepy? Let us know below!


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