Sarah Vanderlinde Stealth Media Team Member


Sarah is our Google analytics pro. Saying she is obsessed with media and business growth is an understatement. An alumni of sister company eTrucks, Sarah brings vast experience creating strategic roadmaps tailored to each client company, with a focus on customer loyalty and retention. During her time with eTrucks, Sarah helped develop and implement marketing, sales and support strategies with the initiative of increasing new business and profits by 30% (growth that is still ongoing). Sarah knows that changing a digital marketing strategy is a lot of work, but she is willing to put in a great deal of effort to learn the answers to big questions related to social media, search, SEO, and email marketing campaigns in order to promote business growth online. When working with clients, Sarah wants to understand your market and your business in its entirety, so she’s able to help you grow your business and achieve your marketing objectives.

Sarah Vanderlinde Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


Sarah loves to camp – but not the traditional campground camping. She loves to leave the digital world completely behind and fully immerse herself in nature. She has gone on multiple (and extensive) canoe trips, and loves nothing better than a full weekend of hiking and exploring the wilderness. In fact, she loves nature so much, she brought it inside! With 3 dogs, 2 frogs, 20 some fish, and a wild thing she caught along the way (her fiancé), Sarah’s house certainly isn’t boring. When she’s not outdoors you might find her painting, singing, or dancing with everyone watching! She’s the kind of gal that will usually say “yes” when there is a cool event, or something new to do that she hasn’t tried! She loves to learn and you’ll usually catch her reading up on a new article, watching YouTube videos, or with her head stuck in a book.