Ryan Janzen Stealth Media Team Member


Ryan Janzen is the Chief Operating Officer for Axon Development Corporation. He is responsible for looking after our team, promoting a low-stress environment and ensuring we have the tools to operate at maximum productivity, which allows us to focus on creating the ultimate client experience. With a background in BCOMM – Marketing and Finance, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, including corporate development, team building and systems and process management. Fuelled by huge goals and ambitions, Ryan enjoys working with the great team assembled at Stealth as we work towards building something bigger than all of us.

Ryan Janzen Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


When he’s not working, you can find Ryan enjoying a variety of hobbies including reading, technology (systems and hardware), squash, Poker League, and keeping an aquarium of cichlids. Ryan enjoys traveling, but his favourite place is Maui, Hawaii. He can play the piano/keyboards and cheers for the SK Roughriders and the Patriots. Ryan’s mantra is “It’s not what you can do for yourself, but what you can get others to do with you at a compensatory price where they feel they are contributing to something bigger and greater than themselves.”