Kyle Cholowsky Stealth Media Team Member


You might meet Kyle in one of your initial meetings with STEALTH. As a Marketing Consultant, he helps connect our tailored solutions to our clients’ unique objectives and desires. Kyle has a B. Comm in Marketing and is excited to meet and work with many new clients as the company grows. He enjoys helping people become successful, whether it’s a team member or client.

Kyle Cholowsky Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


Like many of the STEALTH team members, Kyle loves all things that are sports related. He plays hockey, baseball, loves to golf, and just to get out and exercise. He also watches almost every major league sport and is filled with useless stats he will probably never need to know. While he doesn’t have a favourite show he frequently quotes The Office or Parks and Rec. He might also drop the occasional movie quote if the moment is right.

Kyle is a big believer in karma and knows that even if it might not happen right away, kindness makes its way around, so he strives to treat everyone how he wants to be treated.