Justin Harris Stealth Media Team Member


Justin is our go-to for all of your customer service questions. He is always excited to partner with entrepreneurs and business minds across a multitude of industries, who want to grow and evolve their business. In his role as Marketing Advisor, he is responsible for liaising with our clients and ensuring that we have the tools and knowledge to put forth the best customer experience possible. Justin’s father taught him that nothing is given, everything is earned. That mantra and his wide range of experiences throughout the years in various positions from retail to HR (and most recently as an application manager for our sister company Axon Software), have molded his work ethic and perspective toward client-first experiences. Marketing and the services offered by Stealth can sometimes be confusing, but Justin’s ability to effectively communicate our processes, approaches and services means that our clients are never left feeling like they are in the dark.

Justin Harris Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


Justin is a self-appointed sports nut. If he’s not working, you might find him playing rec soccer, football, basketball or squash. If he’s not playing a sport, he might be hanging out with his giant blended family (never a dull time!) or… watching sports with friends, including his favourite teams the Toronto Raptors, New England Patriots and the Edmonton Oilers. In his down time Justin enjoys movies, especially Gladiator, and is a fan of all Marvel movies. Like many of his teammates, Justin has been fortunate enough to travel outside of Canada, visiting beautiful Norway and Iceland for a family wedding.