Jatin Patel Stealth Media Team Member


As a web developer, Jatin is responsible for creating the back end function of your website! He has experience building databases a php coding and enjoys getting to work with new technologies. He aspires to specialize in iOS development, and continues to stay up-to-date on all of the newest programming technologies. Jatin has a BA in computer science, and with his in-depth knowledge of the programming field, he is ready to help clients with complex development requirements.

Jatin Patel Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


Jatin is an avid landscape photographer (check out jateen89 on instagram!), who hopes to take pictures of the auroras (northern lights). In the summer he enjoys playing cricket, and is a casual fan of the India cricket team. He just came back from 3 months in India, which was his longest visit since moving to Canada. Jatin enjoys every Marvel series – if there is a new one, he will watch it! He also enjoys video games and at one point had every “Need for Speed” game.