Jaden Dirk Stealth Media Team Member


Jaden has been with sister company Axon Software for over 6 years, marketing software in a variety of mediums (web, video, trade shows, direct mail, print, and many things in between). He has a Bcomm – Marketing, and a knack for customer psychology, which has allowed him to step into his role as copywriter and marketing strategist for Stealth Media with ease. He enjoys the variety this role brings, not only in terms of problems to solve, but also the tools he gets to use to accomplish a task. Jaden is always excited to take on new projects and get immersed in learning everything possible about them. His efficiency, attention to detail and way of seeing business from a consumer perspective are only a few of the qualities Jaden brings to working with clients to achieve their goals.

Jaden Dirk Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


Jaden’s favourite hobby is learning new hobbies, especially if they are analytical or logic based. (Some of these hobbies include racket sports, baseball,volleyball, chess, Rubik’s cube, poker and learning the stock market just to name a few). Jaden is willing to try new things that explore his limits. In fact, he once tried the Uberman polyphasic sleeping schedule for over a year (instead of sleeping at night, you take 20 min naps every 4 hours, around the clock). His favourite shows are The Wire, The Office, Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, and Nathan for You.