Gillian McCaskill Stealth Media Team Member


As a copywriter and marketing strategist, Gillian’s job is to tell her clients’ unique stories and develop and deliver clear brand messaging. She loves to work with people to help them achieve their business objectives through website content creation, and always enjoys the challenge of solving complex navigation. One of the most satisfying aspects of her job is collaborating with her teammates to create bold marketing products – websites, videos, and digital copy. With two degrees (Business – Marketing, and Behavioural Psychology), and 10+ years of formal writing experience under her belt, Gillian is ready to tackle any project that comes her way.

Gillian McCaskill Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


Originally from Ontario, Gillian left the land of lakes to seek new adventures in Western Canada. She now lives in Alberta with her partner and their puppy Zola. Outside of work, she enjoys a variety of hobbies, including reading, writing, painting, playing board games, and watching unhealthy amounts of Netflix (the Office or Grey’s Anatomy on repeat). Gillian is also an avid hockey fan, and is always ready to talk stats, fantasy pools, and the treacherous rollercoaster ride that is cheering for her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.