Brent Scholl Stealth Media Team Member


Brent is one of Stealth’s fearless web developers. He enjoys the process of turning an idea into something real – seeing the big picture and developing all the details to make it come together. He comes to us after five years of running his own web design company, and is currently the lead developer of a company he co-founded called Xperium. He specializes in Laravel and WordPress, though he is always striving to learn more.

He loves to build websites that come alive, are easy to use, and go the extra mile to feel like you are experiencing the cutting edge. He believes that thoughtful subtle details are what makes the difference between an unimpressive site and a site that leaves a lasting positive impression.

Brent Scholl Drawing Stealth Media Team Member


When Brent isn’t developing dynamic websites, you can find him cooking, back-country camping, canoeing, snowboarding or taking photos. Brent enjoys travelling and has solo backpacked through Thailand, celebrated New Years in Malaysia, swam with glowing plankton at night in Cambodia, drove a motorcycle across Vietnam, ate pizza and pasta in Italy, visited the Mayan pyramids in Guatemala, and la fiesta in Mexico.

Brent is 6’6”, but doesn’t play basketball and his favourite documentary film of all time is Alone in the Wilderness.

Brent lives by the words of Confucius: “Everyone has two lives, and the second begins when you realize you only have one.”