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Stealth Media Reborn With Local Acquisition. Silicon Prairie Alive & Well

STEALTH Media Stealth Press Release

PRESS RELEASE – January 9, 2020



New ownership leads to rebirth of leading Canadian marketing agency.

Saskatoon, SK: STEALTH Media has officially announced their public relaunch in 2020. The Saskatoon Web Design & Marketing Agency locally best known for their award-winning Cherry Insurance marketing campaigns, world-class website designs & window projections on Circle Drive & downtown Saskatoon  temporarily closed its doors back in July 2018.

The STEALTH team are excited to announce that STEALTH has been acquired by a leading international software company, Axon Development Corporation (est. 1982) – a Saskatoon-based and locally owned software veteran with over 38 year’s experience.

With the assurance of a secure future, a number of STEALTH’s former clients have confidently embraced the new STEALTH agency including Saskatchewan’s own Cherry Insurance. Directly before closure, former STEALTH tried it’s best to transition every client over to a competitor to be properly taken care of. However, with hundreds of active clients, some were bound to fall through the cracks, so the new STEALTH has been contacting as many past clients possible to make things right and ensure they’re taken care of.

In December 2019, STEALTH and Cherry Insurance finished their 2nd charity-focused Christmas campaign called “Give Back with Cherry” ( The campaign raised over $100,000 in one month to purchase a new bus for elderly & disabled residents of the Sherbrooke Community Centre located in Saskatoon, which Cherry matched, for a total of over $200,000.

With some of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Canada, award-winning marketing & design talent, measured results and professional marketing advisors to guide clients every step of the way; STEALTH is continuing to help business owners create an abundance of better customers, attract top employees & elevate their credibility in 2020 and beyond.


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