SEO Success Story: Spikes for Days

SEO Success Story: Spikes for Days
If you’re a skeptic and not convinced that SEO actually increases your conversion and ranking, we have a story for you. A recent client who signed on for SEO with STEALTH recently received their first month’s report with this image:

Now, ordinarily a spike of this magnitude at that speed doesn’t happen. However, our tech and content departments recognized that this 24-spot hike in Google ranking happened a mere 48 hours after doing some minor metadata and content changes. SEO for those of you who do not know what that means stands for Search Engine Optimization. This refers to a process which uses a variety of techniques to increase a website’s ranking in Google’s organic search results. Studies show that the #1 ranked spot on Google will get over 70% of the traffic.

There are three core components to SEO success: web design, content, and links. Your site needs to be designed & structured properly with precise keywords, effective layouts, and clear content that tell Google (and visitors) what your site is about. Further, it needs to have other sites linking to it, which proves to Google that your site can be trusted and is relevant. For this particular client, the majority of changes were small, an H1 tag here and a metadata change there but it increased their ranking in a matter of hours.  

STEALTH is known for being one of the best SEO agencies in Western Canada, so if you want your website to be at the top you should give us a call.