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Reset Your Marketing: Buyer Personas

STEALTH Media reset marketing buyer personas optimized


25-34 years old.

Average salary between $70-80,000 per year.

Fashion-conscious and on-trend.

Loves to shop.

She spends 50-60% of her day on social media.

Will never say no to brunch.



45-54 years old.

Master’s degree.

Works as an engineer.

Has 3 kids.

He doesn’t understand TikTok but uses Linkedin.

If this type of information sounds familiar to you, you’ve probably gone through the process of defining the buyer personas for your audience; that is, the profile of your ideal client.

Your buyer personas outline your ideal client or group of customers.

They are incredibly useful when determining your short and long term marketing strategy because they can not only define what your message is but where you should be distributing it for maximum awareness or conversion.

In an earlier blog, we looked at a very broad overview of the impact of COVID-19 on the digital landscape. Today, we are exploring in greater detail, what you can do to ensure your marketing tools are staying relevant and useful to your business.

Buyer personas are a fluid tool that should be updated regularly.

Like many marketing tools, buyer personas are only relevant if the information they outline is kept up to date as the world changes around us.

Unless your business is exploring different positioning or new markets, the demographic information in your buyer personas will likely stay the same, but when a global interruption occurs it can shift what people want and how they want to receive information.

Great examples of these global changes include the introduction of the printing press, and of course, the internet.

COVID-19 is another example of a global disruption that has drastically shifted the needs, wants and priorities of consumers.

Since we, as a consumer society are no longer living as we were in 2019, businesses have also had to adjust who their customers are, and how to reach them. People who used to go out to eat now want delivery options, everyone wants to buy everything online, and TikTok is a real thing.

So, it may be time to evaluate your buyer personas.

The first step is to determine how the priorities of your buyers have changed. What are their new needs and priorities? Maybe you have a product line for DIY kits that has always been a bit of an underperformer. Now, your customers are starved for entertainment, and the value of this line has suddenly received a new life.

Next, examine the barriers customers may have to overcome when purchasing your products or service. In a time where people are even more financially conscious or want to adhere to social distancing, is there a way your business can remove these barriers? An example of this would be offering payment plans or curbside pickup, respectively.

Finally, look at how you’re distributing your message. People are literally slowing down the internet with the amount of usage. Are you online? Are you sure you’re hitting all of those social platforms?

This global shift presents new opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers.

Many companies, STEALTH included, have turned to video consulting. Others are pouncing on the opportunity to bring their offerings online with an eCommerce platform.

The value of entertainment has also skyrocketed, presenting many interesting opportunities for businesses, who before now may not have considered avenues such as videos or social media to bring awareness to their business.

Do you have something to teach?

Want to show your customer base your product in action?

If you aren’t already doing this, now may be the time to embrace all the online world has to offer.

Still don’t know where to start?

let’s chat.


Each week we will be featuring a Stealth team member as they share their work-from home tips and tricks.

This week, one of our programmers, Brent, shares his experiences about working from home:

I’ve been working from home for nearly 6 years. It wasn’t until I started at STEALTH that I finally started to work in an office. Over 6 years (and as my own boss) you can imagine that I have dealt with all the obstacles you would encounter having a work from home career. Here are my best tips and trick for the stay at home lifestyle.

1. Don’t mix work with leisure – meaning, don’t work in your bed, or on your couch. Set up a designated space in your home so you can mentally separate your work from your normal life. This is extremely important during isolation. if you are going to spend your entire day in your house, it’s really important to work and live in different parts of your house. The commute to work is short but it can still feel like you are leaving to go to the office.

2. Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. I can not express how big of a difference this has made for me. Not just so I have a source of high-quality sound for listening to music, but just to wear and to have complete silence. If you have kids at home, a roommate or noisy neighbours, this might be one of your most valuable purchases. Looking for a good pair? I highly recommend these

3. Create a routine. Procrastination is public enemy number one when working from home. No one is watching and it’s so easy to just sleep in or slack off. But trust me, these little cheats here and there add up and can form some pretty nasty habits. The best thing to do is to create a routine. that might mean waking up to an alarm, making a coffee in the morning to get you started, meeting up with your team online in the morning, and/or setting specific times for breaks. For me, I walk the dog every day at 3 pm. If I forget, my dog will remind me! 

4. Take micro-breaks throughout the day that are filled doing extra tasks around the house. When you worked at the office, you used to come home and do your chores, which would take up valuable time in your evening. Now that you are working from home, you can fill those small breaks up with doing tasks around the house. Get up off your chair and put a load of laundry in. Next break, do some dishes, clean your bathroom, or vacuum a room. Just something that gets you up off your chair and moving around. Not only does it let you stretch and recharge, but it gets those mundane tasks completed. My personal favourite is bake bread. You can knead dough on your break and let it rise, or bake while you work.

5. A big problem with working from home is that it means you are most likely sitting and staring at a screen all day. It’s important to find non-screen based leisure to do at home. My favourite is cooking. Cooking is something to do where you are usually standing and using your hands. There are endless amounts of things to learn and make so its a hobby with plenty to offer.

Other suggestions would be to do a yoga class online (check out YouTube) or even just meditate. There is a great app called Headspace for this.

6. If you are not in full quarantine you can still go out for walks while practicing social distancing. Just the other day my good friend and I went for a walk together, each on opposite sides of the street. We were able to walk and talk no problem. After that we sat and had a drink on opposite sides of my driveway. It was a great way to feel like we were hanging out together while maintaining that recommended 2-meter distance.

At the end of the day working at home is all what you make it. So if you feel trapped, call your friends, listen to your favourite music, care for some house plants, light some candles, stay busy, relax and watch a movie. Whatever makes you feel great. You might just find that working at home gives you more freedom and is actually pretty awesome!


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