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When you think of Regina, you perhaps don’t think of the talented artists who live and breathe their craft.

For example, take local jeweler Hillberg & Berk who was responsible for the design of this stunning sapphire brooch created in honour of Canada’s 150th year of confederation, as well as the Queen’s sapphire jubilee. It was presented to the Queen by our Governor General David Johnston as she toured the Canada House in Trafalgar Square, London.

When it comes to Hillberg & Berk, they are masters in their art. This is not the first piece from the Regina designers that has ended up in the Queen’s collection. The first was a five-petal flower brooch designed with pink tourmaline, and diamonds, centred by a freshwater pearl. It was presented to Her Majesty in 2013.

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photo: Hillberg & Berk

This year’s jubilee brooch is a snowflake shaped North Star, and according to the Star Phoenix, has 48 Canadian sapphires in a variety of colours nestled among 400 diamonds, set in white gold. In fact, as there is only one known sapphire deposit in the country, the Queen is one of the few people in the world to own them. The design is highly reflective of the Canadian Artic landscape and pays appropriate homage to both our country and the Queen.

With my limited knowledge and untrained eye, I look at this elegant piece of jewellery and I see precision, attention to detail and a well thought out plan. I can appreciate every moment someone spent scrutinizing each jewel, understanding how it fit into the piece, and then executing the placement.

I find I can appreciate this type of art process because it’s so easy to draw parallel to web design and the process we follow while designing a website. Like creating a brooch, each website is unique – we create a plan, scrutinize the details, select the jewels and carefully place everything so it functions as our client envisioned it.

From web design to exquisite jewellery creation, Regina is an artistic hub of design, art and creative ingenuity. What other treasures are hidden in this beautiful city?

Let us know in the comments below!


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