Solar Gardens


This unique company needed a website to encapsulate the beauty and unforgettable experience that is Solar Gardens. With all of the incredible imagery we had to work with, our design team was able to collaborate with the clients to bring their vision to life. The finished product is a stunning marriage of art and functionality. Customers can now enjoy an online experience that is only the gateway to this one-of-a-kind business.


“Our constantly growing and changing company needed a new website….desperately! Not being the most computer literate guys on the planet, we knew we could probably hire a company that could use a common template and stick in some text and pictures and voila! We’d have a new, unoriginal, uninspired, boring, not unique nor creative at all, run of the mill website. Our company is so special and original that we knew that such a website would just never be good enough for our gorgeous Solar Gardens.

We searched and searched both locally and nationally, even internationally. Then we met STEALTH Media. And by “met” I mean we actually “met” a person….in person. Not just some “entity” in a cyber cloud somewhere. We actually got to discuss our special project with a real live person. And his name was Ryan Yedersberger, of STEALTH Media. Imagine. A real live creative person who we could sit down with, face to face, and talk to. How “old fashioned” is that? How “wonderful” is that? A real live person…in this “cyber world”. Perfect!

It’s true. We had a large and daunting web design project. And Ryan and Cara and their design team worked with us and worked with us some more and we ended up with the website of our dreams. They patiently took care of the design of our entire website, as well as all of our special and “eccentric” requests.

Not only is the design beautiful, our website is actually functional, adaptable and changeable. Ryan taught us how to change things on it so we can keep it current and informative. He even taught us how to add and change pictures. All of this we really needed to learn. If only so we didn’t have to bother him with frequent last minute urgent changes.

The cost? Excellent and reasonable.

We look forward to working with Stealth Web Designs on a continuing basis as our business morphs and grows. And best of all…we know we can actually talk to a “real live person” when we need to. Perfect!”

Roger Valliere
Solar Gardens The Living Art Company

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