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It may only be November 30, but I can’t help but start to think about Christmas, and about all the different people in my life, and the “perfect gift” for each of them.


Today, I came across this Infinity Puzzle.

Now, I am a great lover of all puzzles. I enjoy seeing how fast they can be put together, and live for the satisfaction of placing that last piece. But what do you do when you are presented with a puzzle that NEVER ENDS.

I’m still trying to decide whether I am horrified or intrigued.

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The fact that we have been able to gather the knowledge to push technological and creative boundaries is amazing. Not only is this puzzle beautiful and imaginative, it really demonstrates what creative minds can achieve. This rings true not only in its creation, but also for its potential users.


With web design, we are tasked with exercising our creativity every day; finding new ways to deliver ideas, and new places to fit the pieces of the puzzle. Something like this reminds us that our creative minds are not bound by that lovely rigid border that some of us love so much.

Technology has pushed our abilities to bring design to life: colors, function, animation just to name a few.

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And so I wonder, how many of you would take on the infinity puzzle, and risk getting trapped in the never ending spiral of possibility, and which of you prefer the nice crisp edge. Is this something that will be on your Christmas list?


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