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No matter who you are or where you live, at some point, you have been totally, completely and soul crushingly bored. Even if your city is filled with nightlife, cafes, restaurants, museums, walking paths, segway tours, glow bowling, axe throwing or daily pie throwing contests, one day you will wake up and say: meh, what is there to do around here?

It’s normal. Humans in North America live an average of 82 years. That’s nearly 30,000 days where you as a human being need to find something or some way to stay entertained.

Some days, even if you live in Vancouver, you will run into that age old problem: what are you going to do today?

Fortunately for you, Vancouver, there is a sweet website to help you out. Well designed, well written and full of actual unique information for Vancouverites!

Bored in Vancouver

You’ve likely seen other things to do websites and like me have been less than impressed. Outdated, not maintained, poorly designed or not intuitive, and repeating the same info that can be found on almost identically poor competitor sites, things to do websites tend to be uninspiring.

Clearly, the designers of Bored in Vancouver found themselves equally uninspired and decided to do something about it.

You can browse a number of categories depending on your interests, and access well written blogs on a unique collection of activities, indoor and out, to take advantage of on any given day.

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The content is engaging and funny, the locations well curated and selected, and the suggestions accessible for a wide range of users. It’s not just music, or museums or shopping. There are some really unique ideas that even long time residents of Vancouver may not know about.

Better Design; Better Experience

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This website is well designed to assist the user find whatever they aren’t even sure that they are looking for with minimal clicks and clear direction.

At the top, a clear call to action. When you’re bored in Vancouver, this website has you covered.

Select a keyword. Or select a category. Or select a region close to you and explore from there.

The titles are clear and easy to read. The design is consistent so that users can anticipate where they will find certain details. The imagery is bright, high resolution and frequently taken at the event or location.

There are maps, directions, user submitted reviews and photos, and linked suggestions in the sidebar to keep users engaged.

Most attention was paid not to advertising space but to the user experience. That’s a very unique take on the typical, cheaply constructed and poorly maintained event listings. What I assume are purchased listings are unobtrusive and do not mar the design or interrupt the flow.

It has everything a user needs to get outside, stay inside or do something different. Easily applicable for other cities around Vancouver and in other provinces.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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