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Are YOU Ready For The Future?

Because here it comes, full speed ahead.

I would say wear a helmet, but apparently you don’t need those anymore either. BMW is celebrating their 100th birthday in a big way, with a series called Vision Next, which explores what driving is going to look like in the future.

Don’t get too excited though, this is the vision of what motorcycle riding could look like 30 or so years down the road.

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With all of the exploration in to autonomous vehicles, I can’t say that this futuristic technology seems all that farfetched, however I am still slightly incredulous by the amount of faith that we put into technology.

I work online and encounter glitches every day, which is just a subtle reminder that even the best technology is still sometimes flawed; So put me in a car or on a motorbike that is more autonomous and less manual?

I’m still not convinced.

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What Does This Mean For Us?


Well, nothing too drastic…YET. As I watched the video, I found myself contemplating our online world, and how we need to continue to upgrade, innovate and generate our presence to stay relevant.

Ultimately, we keep driving the future forward, and the future is faster, more streamline and yes, autonomous. So for those of us that like to live in the fast lane and stay on the cutting edge of all innovation – you’re not going to need your helmet for too much longer.
What do you think? Are you ready to ride into the sunset? Let us know in the comments below!




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…Dogs should still not drive.


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