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New Website Pays Off for RapidCashATM

STEALTH Media 0 rapidcashatm launch

It’s time to tell you about another recent STEALTH website launch.

RapidCashATM has recently launched their new site with custom transaction and cash dispensed tickers. The RapidCash site includes custom design, user-friendly navigation, and bold colours.

Our talented design team created a website that is clean, simple and sleek while still portraying the key components of the RapidCash brand, meanwhile, the programming team worked hard to build the custom transaction and cash dispensed counters while seamlessly integrating custom animation and highlighting the sleek design.

Content is key for websites like RapidCash, and our content department captured the identity and essence of RapidCash with intriguing and conversion-based content strategy.

RapidCash is an ATM provider across Western Canada. They knew a new STEALTH built website would increase their recognition as they hope to expand into the rest of Canada very soon. If you’re looking to purchase an ATM from a trusted reliable company, then you need to visit RapidCashATM’s website immediately.

Interested in a brand new site from STEALTH? Get in touch & get a FREE ESTIMATE.


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