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MYTOP5: Places To Take Photos In Calgary

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What is it about Calgary web design, and the city of Calgary itself, that draws the creative mind? Is it the convenience of living and exploring a city, but never quite feeling the hustle and bustle of major centres like New York or Toronto? Or perhaps it’s the way nature still spills through the concrete and steel of the downtown core. Whatever it is, it’s just waiting to be captured on film.

Without further ado, #MYTOP5 places to take photos in Calgary:

1. Peace Bridge

Opened on March 24, 2012 the Peace Bridge, despite its name, has an interesting and controversial history.

Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the Peace Bridge spans across the Bow River. While the foot and bike traffic can be heavy at times, the Peace Bridge, its unique design and bright red hue make it a great spot to photograph the convergence of nature and architecture.

2. The View from Scotsman’s Hill

Located on Salisbury Ave. SE, Scotsman’s Hill is another great place to photograph some more of Calgary’s unique architecture (most notably, the Saddle Dome). Head up there at sunrise or sunset for some pretty spectacular views.

3. Rundle Ruins

For those not familiar to the Calgary area, they may be surprised to hear about this little gem hidden on 12th Ave. SE. Built in 1894, the site was once Calgary’s second general hospital, and holds an interesting history as Calgary grew into the city we know today.

Enjoy incorporating the beautiful stone archways and remnants of stone walls into your photographs when you visit this enchanting historical site.

4. Calgary Zoo

Perhaps animal portraits are more your style? A visit to Calgary Zoo will not only give photographers a chance to capture the assortment of animals that live there, but also wander into prehistoric lands and photograph the giant replicas of dinosaurs that have been erected on the property.

5. Along the Bow

The winding path of the Bow River is the perfect place for photographers to shoot nature, architecture or a bit of both. Capture many different elements of the city and inhabitants, or grab a raft and shoot from the water!

Photography is an important story telling medium, both in personal and commercial spheres. At Stealth Studios, we draw inspiration from nature, architecture, people and places such as Calgary to bring our audience through the lens and into the experience. So, whether you shoot for pleasure or by profession, Calgary is awaiting you.

Where are your favourite spots to shoot in Calgary?

Let us know in the comments below!


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