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If you need your caffeine fix for the day and you’re tired of getting Dollar Days Iced Coffees from McDonalds, try some of these locally owned Regina coffee shops. You might just find a new favourite.

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Brewed Awakening – Brewed is one of the success stories of Regina coffee. Now with 5 locations and a bakery, Brewed is known for its latte options, seasonal favourites, and chocolate brownies. With a wide variety of drinks, food, and relaxing music, you can find university students there year round (and we aren’t just talking about the one located on the U of R campus).

Our Recommendation: S’Mores Latte (seasonally – pictured above), Matcha Green Tea Latte (otherwise), Brownie

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Roca House – Located in the Rochdale area, Roca House is a great option if you want good food, amazing coffee, and good conversation. Their specialty coffees are spectacular, but in all seriousness, the best thing about Roca House is the coconut buns (pictured above) they offer on Tuesdays.

Our Recommendation: Roca House Mocha, Coconut Bun (on Tuesdays only)

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The French Press – This quaint little shop is located on South Albert and is known for its, well, french press coffee, but also for its amazing London Fogs and Iced Beverage options. The welcoming atmosphere and cozy decor will make you feel right at home in this shop.

Our Recommendation: Cinnamon Bun Mocha, Greek Breakfast Wrap

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Le Macaron – If you like desserts, this is the coffee shop to go to. From cakes and pies, to cannolis and their namesake macarons, you will leave Le Macaron with a satisfied sweet tooth. Le Macaron is the best place to meet if you’re looking to sit and talk as they have designated laptop free zones.

Our Recommendation: Moroccan Vanilla Latte, Macarons

Now, the next time you go for coffee with a friend and they ask where you want to go, you’ll have a list of amazing, locally owned Regina coffee shops to try out.


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