Have you ever wondered what makes a logo great?

If I were to ask what are your three favourite logos, which ones come to mind?

Do they have anything in common?

I suspect you’ll find that your top three have the following:



Great logos are timeless. 

This example from Underconsideration demonstrates the evolution of two arguably iconic brands, Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

While Pepsi has undergone many (some drastic) changes across its lifetime, Coca-Cola has managed to maintain the core of their brand across many years.

Logo versatility is another key for long-lasting logos. Where is it going to be printed? Is it easily inversed? Will it translate across print and technology? Does it look ok in small and large sized format?


One of my favourite logos is the WB Warner Bros. logo. They demonstrate versatility through the addition of a unique twist to their logo for every movie they produce. What’s great, is that no matter what addition they make, there is no doubt in the consumer’s mind, what company it is. This is a prime example of versatility in the technological age, where it can be very easy to overwhelm your logo with too much animation, or effects.




Logos also need to represent their brand’s story. Warner Bros. does a really great job at this, in that the distinctions between each movie’s WB logo demonstrates the very essence of their brand. For example, in the Harry Potter Films, the WB logos grow darker along with the plots of the movies.

To me, this is an indication of creative prowess and dedication to their end product, which not only reflectsthemselves, but also their work in a memorable fashion.

Great logos have a thought process… and often have hidden messages. Check these out!


What are your favourite logos? Do you think there are other elements that make logos last?

 Let us know in the comment’s below!