If you’re a fan of the k-pop genre, or the band Twice, you may be seeing some familiar sights in their newest music video “Likey”. If you’re not a fan, I’ll save you the trouble of listening to the song (which is literally about looking good on social media for a crush) by instead focusing on what this means as a marketing opportunity for Vancouver.  

A Hidden Opportunity

While many North Americans may be distracted by trying to get past the questionable messaging of the lyrics, what the music video actually does is showcase Vancouver to a widely untapped tourism market.  According to a CTV interview with Vancouver Tourism, the band’s target audience has major overlap with their key travel markets of Korea, Japan and China. This could potentially generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the city in marketing value, according to Vancouver Tourism. In fact, when visiting a site from the video, CTV reporters found fans there taking photos (it doesn’t hurt that Vancouver has some seriously bold art and architecture for an awesome Insta selfie).  

Marketing: Where You Least Expect It

Tourism marketing for any city is integral in order to generate tourism revenue for their economy, which in turn can increase prosperity and pride for the city’s inhabitants. Don’t believe me? Check out how branding and tourism marketing impacted New York in one of my past blogs. International tourism marketing can quickly eat up a city’s marketing budget, which means that opportunities to reach a target market through other means are ones that a city must capitalize on. Acting as a filming location, especially for popular media such as music video or TV /movies is a tactic many traditional marketers may not think of; however, with the shift to digital media it is one that should not be discounted. For example, through this music video, these gorgeous filming locations in Vancouver have been seen by 15+ million people, many of whom fall into that coveted tourism audience that Vancouver is trying to entice with their marketing efforts. And thanks to “Likey”, I’m sure there are many fans who will be scouting out these locations for their own likes.      Hey… is that Vancouver? This is not the first time Vancouver has been the site of choice for a production; in fact, in November alone, there are 12 movies (both feature and made for TV that are set to film). The downfall to this type of film exposure is that the locations are designed to represent other locations (for example, Riverdale). The upside is that there are still likely people flocking to Vancouver to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars.   Whatever way you look at it, on film exposure is certainly going to generate some likes for Vancouver.