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Ever wonder what it’d be like to battle the Empire, and get it all on video? Well, thanks to the technology of the GoPro, you need no longer wonder.



The GoPro head-strap proves it’s powers once again – this time, through the force. This artist has created a Jedi action video through motion capture, an xbox depth sensor, 3D studio max and other fantastic nerdy tricks. Surprisingly, the most difficult and tedious step of this process is drawing in the lightsaber – frame by frame. And because most (unlucky) people don’t have Jedi wardrobes at home, the robes are also manually inserted. Once again, GoPro proves that anything is possible
– as long as you use the force.

As passionate Star Wars fans here at Stealth Interactive, the newest movie release has given us the best excuse of the year to flood our social media with all things ‘The Force Awakens’. And thanks to this artists incredible work, it’s that much easier to put ourselves in the boots of a Jedi and envision the battle first hand.
Check out this awesome video, you must.




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