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Google has had a busy few weeks, with the release of their Pixel phone; and the latest, according to Mashable, is that we are going to see an overhaul of everyone’s favourite search engine.

While this change is not necessarily going to be obvious to the masses, it will have a major impact on web design.


Google has picked up on the fact that by 2017, approximately 68% of all internet use will be driven by Wi-Fi and mobile use. This is going to be reflected in their next update, which is going to include reorganizing their search rankings based on mobile compatible content.


So, what does that mean for website owners?


We all know that SEO is king when it comes to competing for top spot in the search engine. With Google flexing their muscles, if you don’t have a mobile content on your site, you may not be seeing yourself in the search feed.

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This ranking system is still in the testing phase, but if you haven’t already, maybe now is the time to embrace the change, and make sure your website is mobile compatible!


Have questions about staying ahead of the curve? Not sure if your site is mobile compatible?

Let us know in the comments below!


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