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No one could say that Google doesn’t have a few new ideas. In fact, they have so many ideas, they created an entire company just to organize the parts of the companies in charge of new ideas.


Some of their ideas have changed the way we interact with technology, such as with Google Glass. Some of these ideas present some pretty amazing opportunities to really change our physical world, such as self driving cars.


Now, Google is eyeing an opportunity to develop some ideas that could change entire cities.


Sidewalk Labs is a division of Google Alphabet that uses the massive amounts of data Google collects in real time from millions of internet users to analyze how we live, work, play and commute. Their goal is to accelerate urban innovation to solve the growing problems faced by cities around the world.


To really apply this data to construct workable ideas, Google needs some real world space that exists outside their server.


Enter Toronto.

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Toronto’s 12 Acre Development Opportunity


In order to test some big ideas, Google is seeking large development opportunities where they can create a living lab. Toronto just happens to have a 12 acre area in its downtown that’s slated for revitalization, and potentially the perfect place for Google to fund construction of a purpose built test district.


Toronto may be the ideal place for technical innovation, and city officials are doing their part to try attract investment from the tech sector. If Google’s bid for development goes through, there could be some exciting changes happening for Toronto’s waterfront.


In their bid presentation, Google representatives mentioned designing and testing exciting concepts such as how autonomous transit, embedded sensors and ride-sharing services could transform urban life. He’s also hinted at tech’s ability to overhaul zoning rules and control housing costs, a worrisome problem in Toronto, Canada’s most expensive city.

Read more about it here and here.


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