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Fun in Toronto: Your One-Week Itinerary

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You’ve landed at Pearson International Airport, Toronto. 

“Where to?” Your cab driver awaits your response. 

Have you found a place where you can drop off your luggage before heading out to explore the city? If not, we can help you choose a place to stay before planning out an exciting itinerary for your week in T.O. 

When you arrive in Toronto, you should first check-in where you plan to stay. From luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons to more affordable ones like the Clarence Park, Toronto offers a wide selection of hotels. However, if you prefer to get a more authentic experience of Torontonian hospitality, you can rent a place on Airbnb. With its simple and effective layout which makes it easy to browse and book a place, it seems that the Airbnb website was designed by a top Toronto web design company.

After you have checked in to your home for the next 7 days, you are ready to explore the beautiful city of Toronto. To make the most of your time here, you can use the following itinerary to help guide you.

Day 1: Kensington Market & Yonge-Dundas Square

You can start your stay by simply walking around downtown Toronto, and taking in the sparkle of the city. You can step into Kensington Market to enjoy the multiculturalism that makes Toronto unique and go window shopping (or actual shopping, if you wish) in its funky stores. If you’re hungry, try the Baja-style tacos at Seven Lives, the fried chicken and waffles from The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles, or choose from among the diverse range of restaurants in Kensington. 

A 25-minute walk from Kensington Market is Yonge-Dundas Square, a lively public square, that glows with pulsating lights and vibrant performers in the evening. You can end the night with a nice cup of coffee from one of the many cafes situated in the square. 

Day 2: CN Tower & Ripley’s Aquarium

No trip to Toronto is complete without a tour of the CN Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world. From its 346-meter high viewing deck and 447-meter high SkyPod, you can see the entire city of Toronto below you. And if you’re feeling like a bit of daredevil, try out the EdgeWalk! Attached to an overhead safety rail through harnesses, you walk around the ledge encircling the top of CN Tower’s main pod, with the crisp Toronto air in your hair. 

In addition to its exhilarating view, the CN Tower also offers a delicious buffet with locally-sourced Canadian foods and wine at 360 Restaurant. The restaurant revolves every 72 minutes so that you can enjoy a view of the city!

After you’ve had lunch at 360, you can take a four-minute walk to Ripley’s Aquarium which features North America’s longest underwater tunnel and 20,000 aquatic animals. The aquarium also offers many interactive opportunities, including touch exhibits with sharks, stingrays, and more!

Day 3: Canada’s Wonderland

If you enjoy roller coasters, rides, and waterparks, one whole day of your visit to Toronto should be reserved for a day of fun at Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan. From kiddie roller coasters to some of the highest and most exciting rides in North America, this theme park features 70 different attractions. If you’re feeling brave, make sure you give the Leviathan a go! 

On summer days, the waterpark at Wonderland is a fantastic way to cool down. No matter what age you are, you are sure to get a thrill out of the water rides.

While at Wonderland, grab some poutine – the uniquely Canadian fries with gravy and curds. The funnel cake with ice cream and strawberry sauce is scrumptious, too. However, you would do well to avoid eating before boarding the Behemoth and such. 

Canada's Wonderland


Day 4: Royal Ontario Museum & Casa Loma

On your fourth day, you can visit the Royal Ontario Museum. As the largest museum in Canada, the ROM exhibits historic fossils, art, gems, and more. From dinosaurs to Winnie the Pooh, it hosts rotating exhibitions on almost anything under the sun. 

From the ROM, you can take a short walk to the Casa Loma, a Gothic revival castle built in 1914 by businessmen Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. The 98-room castle will transport you into a different century. Especially fascinating are the 10,000 book library, the Great Hall, and the flower-filled gardens. 

Day 5: High Park & Allan Gardens Conservatory

Despite its hustle-bustle and tall buildings, the Greater Toronto Area offers many opportunities for you to connect with nature. On one of your days in the city, you can grab some cheap and tasty street food and take it to High Park for a little picnic. Besides sports and cultural facilities, this municipal park also contains a zoo!

From High Park, you can take an Uber or public transport to Allan Gardens Conservatory. The conservatory features six greenhouses and an astounding array of plants. 

There are several great restaurants in the vicinity of the conservatory such as Xango. You can also choose from a range of bakery items and mouth-watering desserts at Loblaw’s. 

Day 6: Bata Shoe Museum & Eaton Center

Toronto is a shopper’s paradise! You can start your day by observing a 13000-strong collection of shoes, as well as footwear related items dating up to 4500 years old at Bata Shoe Museum. Then you can head over to Eaton Center to purchase a few pairs for yourself! 

Besides shoes, you can find clothes, gifts, books, food, perfumes, bags, and almost any commodity at Eaton Center. 

Day 7: Aga Khan Museum & Ontario Science Center

On your final day in Toronto, you can immerse yourself in a rich, cultural experience at the Aga Khan Museum. The Aga Khan Museum showcases Islamic and Iranian art, as well as Muslim culture, allowing you to gain insight into a different heritage and civilization. 

A short walk from the Aga Khan Museum is the Ontario Science Center, which is science-related fun for all ages.

View of Toronto

We hope this itinerary helps take care of some of the planning for your trip to Toronto!

Oh, and before we forget, don’t forget to get a cup of coffee from our purely Canadian Tim Hortons before leaving the city. 


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