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In honour of the Easter long weekend, we thought we’d share some Easter eggs from some of our favourite fandoms! How many of these did you know about?



Game of Thrones: Opening Credit Sequences

According to Ranker, the featured areas in the opening sequence actually align with where people are travelling to in the episode!  (Who else needs the new season to be here already?!)

STEALTH Media game of throne


Harry Potter: The Golden Snitch

As a shameless Harry Potter fan, by far the best Easter egg (in my opinion) is the Golden Snitch. The first book was published in 1998, and the Battle of Hogwarts (which occurs in the final book) takes place in 1998. The golden snitch, when gifted to Harry in the final book has the inscription “I open at the close” which sums up the entire Potter universe, opening at the close.

STEALTH Media dragon

Deadpool: Trying to forget that one time in Wolverine Origins

In Deadpool, Wade tells Weasel he chose to be a mercenary to “travel to far-off, exotic places, meet new and exciting people, and kill them.” This is actually a direct quote from Origins… a movie character we wish had never happened. Ultimately, I don’t think we ever have to worry about seeing that monstrosity again, especially since the current Deadpool is so great.

STEALTH Media deadpool


American Horror Story: The show built entirely of Easter Eggs

This show may not be your cup of tea, because I will admit, it is weird, it rides the edge of right and wrong and it plays with themes that may not be suitable for all viewers. That being said it wins for not only tying all of the series (which have different themes) together, but also drawing on other shows by the same creator. It is an intricate web of television design that has so many layers, it’s easy to get lost.

Luckily Looper created this video to give viewers just a small level of insight, which if you ask me, only grazes the surface of the complexity of this series.


 Jurassic Park Universe: Jeep 29

Could we expect this jeep not to turn up in more than one movie? When the dinosaur experiment of 1993 failed miserably, Isla Nubular (the original dinosaur island in the first movie) was abandoned, along with everything on it. Fast forward 22 years, to when the two young protagonists rediscover Jeep 29 while visiting the reincarnated Jurassic World, and use it to cruise back to (eventual) safety.

STEALTH Media JP Jeep 29


What other Easter Eggs are on the top of your list? Let us know!


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