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Don’t Monkey Around with Vancouver Webdesign

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Do you find your Vancouver company is getting a lot of website traffic that isn’t converting into sales or contacts? We understand how you feel. Conversion is one of the most important aspects of web design but is also usually the most overlooked. Recently, a monkey escaped near Vancouver and it is still on the loose. If your target audience is evading capture like the adorable Capuchin monkey, here are a few things that will help.

Know Your Audience

Sometimes, the biggest marketing mistake we can make is to cater our content and design to people who are not our intended audience. Don’t try to sell computer software to a monkey (they don’t really have use for it).

Know Yourself

This may sound like a simple task but it can actually be quite complicated at times. Simplifying your Vancouver brand to focus on key components will help you target the audience you want and lead to higher conversion rates. If you’re not converting, you’re diverting. Don’t be like the Capuchin monkey – lost and confused in a forest.

Know Your Niche

Highlighting the aspects of your Vancouver company that differentiate you from your competition will help you gain conversions. Capuchin monkeys are adorable and mischievous: if they try to compete for attention in the “strong and powerful” category, they will lose out to the gorilla.


If you’re ready to stop monkeying around the issue of website conversion and start seeing real results for your Vancouver company’s website, talk to us. We are conversion experts who love designing user oriented sites (and bananas… we love bananas).


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