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Up Your Digital Marketing Game As A Local Business

STEALTH Media Local Business Digital Marketing

You have come up with a product like no other. It is durable, affordable, and simply extraordinary. Your customer service is unmatched, too. But how do you sell? 

You are new to the market, and no one knows about your product. You are sure that it could sell like hotcakes…if only people knew about it. So how do you make sure the word gets out? Through marketing, of course! And digital marketing is one way to up your game as a local business. 

Marketing is simply the promotion of products and services in order to increase sales. Every company – big or small, new or old – must employ marketing strategies to be able to sell its products. Even giants like Coke and Samsung use marketing techniques such as TV advertisements and billboards. As a local business however, your marketing techniques will differ from those of big corporations. If you are in Vancouver, digital marketing through a Vancouver web design agency may offer the most dividends. 

Digital marketing, as the name implies, is any marketing done through electronic devices or the internet. From running a vibrant social media page to sending out marketing emails, a marketing and web design agency in can help you market your product or service and grow your business. Read below for digital marketing strategies that are sure to propel the growth of your business:

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1. Ensure that you have an informative, user-friendly website

Your website is, for many people, an introduction to your business. Therefore, it should present relevant, useful information about your product and be easy for visitors to use. While you can choose to build your own website if you have the requisite skills, an Ottawa web design professional can develop you a beautiful, interactive, and user-friendly website.


2. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that organically increases the visibility of a website or web page on a search engine, without paid advertisement. There are three kinds of SEO: on-page, off-page, and technical. On-page SEO focuses on the content that is present on your website, while off-page SEO focuses on content that is not on your website but that can direct traffic to your website. Technical SEO has to do with the coding of your web pages and the backend of your website, and is best done by a professional web developer. SEO also takes into account the location of your business (i.e. Vancouver) so that you can target more locals. Because SEO can prove instrumental in bringing traffic to your website, increasing your visibility, and in effect, increasing your sales, it is crucial that you enlist a professional marketing agency in Vancouver for SEO. 


 3. Utilize social media

With almost 3 billion people using social media today, there is no way you should ignore it when creating your digital marketing plan. Social media helps you reach a wide audience, and even allows you to narrow down your target audiences. Although you can use Facebook and Instagram for paid ads, you don’t have to. You can simply post interesting videos and facts to draw interest or write about your product. For this, you can hire a social media manager, outsource it to a Calgary web design agency, or even manage your social media page yourself! 


4. Employ content marketing

Content marketing does not directly try to sell. It aims to create brand awareness, increase website traffic and generate leads, so that the leads can eventually be converted into customers. By producing content that is useful to a specific niche, content marketing directs leads to your website. Some of the ways you can produce interesting content include:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • “How to” videos

Content marketing makes uses of SEO to lead traffic to your website, and can be handled well by a Toronto web design agency.


5. Use automated email marketing

Email marketing can be a highly effective tool to convert leads into customers. Once a visitor has subscribed to your website, they can be sent customized automated emails, keeping in mind their demographic and behavioral information. Their behavior can be gauged by the links they have clicked on, the pages they have visited, and the items they have added to their shopping cart. Such targeted emails may provide the gentle encouragement needed for leads to become customers.


A great website, SEO-optimization, social media use, content marketing, and automated email marketing can all boost the growth of your business. However, every business has different requirements and constraints. Consult with a Vancouver marketing expert or agency to find out which of the aforementioned digital marketing techniques would be most effective for your business.


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