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Why You Should Map Your Customer Journey

It’s simple really.
The more you know about and understand your customers through each phase of their buying process, the more effective your strategy will be. Creating direction in your marketing helps drive the customer to be emotionally connected and trust your business. Here are just some of the ways a customer journey can benefit your company:

Creating Your Map

When we build a map we need to think about: Presale, Sale, Being a customer.


Awareness (finding out about the business), Consideration (maybe I have this need)


Acquisition (contract or small purchase), Service/Selection (I know I need this, shopping, or creating satisfaction)


Service (exceeding expectations), Loyalty (referral)

How To Start

Whiteboard, paper, sticky notes, highlighters, sticky arrows, or use a Customer Journey Map

Ask yourself : How feasible is the repair? Do an Impact & Feasibility Matrix

Analyze all your ads utilizing an Ad Experience Map. Analyze all content by utilizing the content mapping

Put the people in place, onboard client, and review the desired outcomes by utilizing what you discovered.

Understand the customer's pain and make your business the solution. Start your Customer Journey Map today!

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