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Vancouver web design gets in bed with content strategy this July

Vancouver web design companies have some super opportunities to learn new processes and techniques for ramping up their game. From small lunch and learns, and meet ups, to conferences that crack into all aspects of marketing and web design, Vancouver web design gets a boost from the saturation of tech startups and companies on our lovely west coast.

In July, Vancouver web designers and content strategists have a chance to dig into the future of the web. From July 20-22, some of the Vancouver web design industry’s best talent is hosting the Design/Content Conference. While not on the level of the world famous conferences in the US, this conference looks like it’s packed with panelists and participants. These conferences could really lay the groundwork for a stronger, more internationally renowned Vancouver web design and tech industry.

But, before I get ahead of myself into the possibilities, let’s see what the Design/Content Conference has to entice, educate and enlighten.


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The Better Web

According to the conference website, the conference participants are “people who inspire and challenge us to create a better web.” At the core, this conference is about ensuring websites contain the content strategy they need to be effective, and not just nice to look at.

Over the three days, workshop titles include “Storymapping the User Experience” and “Animating the User Experience”. These workshops will hopefully touch on the importance of developing content in conjunction with design to create a U/X that actually drives conversions.

On the first full day, they’ve really sunk their teeth into the strategy behind great user experience. Excellent themes introduced here, from the real story behind responsive design, to using real data to drive your website design strategy.

By day 2, they should be hitting their stride on the road to “making the world a better place, one project at a time.” There’s real potential here for some game changing advice and strategy. Vancouver web design still lags in a few areas, and it’s great to see web design experts share their knowledge to bring the whole industry to a higher standard.

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Why We Recommend Design/Content

The conference really highlights the message that we try to impart to all of our clients – content is king. The content on your website really matters, as much as, or more than, the design strategy.

Sure, we all love to look at nice things, but without the right content, we really are left to guess what’s going on. While that’s great in an art gallery or museum, if you’re trying to sell someone a product, service or idea, eliminating guesswork is really job one. What the conference should be digging into is the idea that pasting a content strategy on top of a completed web design is just not effective at making a website work, no matter what its purpose is.

It would be really great to see Vancouver web designers, marketers and developers embrace the content strategist as part of their team. To see great web design combined holistically with great conversion and SEO strategies.

At Stealth, we know that content is king. We’ve built a brand on developing websites that maximize conversions and SEO. And we’re happy to see other Vancouver web design companies jump on board and truly make the web a better place to live.


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