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Case Study

Stampede Toyota

Stampede Toyota is an award-winning dealership that sells new and used cars in the highly competitive market of Calgary, AB. They opened shop in 1982.

David Smith, the marketing director, reached out to us about a year and a half ago. He was a self-described “one man show” at the dealership, but had bigger ambitions for lead generation that would require a larger marketing team.


Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing

The Challenge

There’s only so much time in a day, and only so much that one person can accomplish. Growing companies eventually have to choose between hiring junior employees, or finding a trusted team to outsource some of the workload.

David is in charge of Stampede Toyota’s web presence. He wanted to bring in more leads and more car sales through the website.

David understood the value in data and performance tracking, which is a standout feature of web-based strategies, and a big reason why they’re often the focal point of marketing in today’s world.

Our Approach
Search Engine Optimization

Google search is usually the first place people turn when shopping around and comparing their options. This includes high value, high involvement purchases like vehicles. If you’re not found near the top of Google, you’re likely missing out on over 80% of potential customers.

As a long-term marketing strategy, we wanted to help Stampede Toyota reach the top rankings of Google, for a wide variety of popular “keywords” that people search when in the market for a new vehicle, such as:

  • “used suv”
  • “car dealership”
  • “toyota dealers”
  • “best used car dealerships”
  • “toyota rav4”
  • …and many more

We implemented a number of SEO techniques, including page content updates, improvements to metadata, quality backlink generation, and a little bit of our secret sauce. Our goal was to immediately and steadily climb the rankings for searchers in Calgary and nearby.

Stampede Toyota SEO 1

We provide monthly reports, so Stampede can easily follow the progress of their SEO campaign.

Digital Marketing Systems

It’s true, SEO is a fantastic and cost-effective long-term strategy. But what if you want more customers right now?

That’s when you can turn to advertising. Digital advertising is perfect for showing up in front of potential customers at such time and place they’ll be most likely to buy something. It’s quick, and when done properly it’s very cost-effective. High-quality ad design and strategic targeting leads to better results.

We continually learn more about Calgary car buyers and refine our strategy to bring the cost of new leads down as much as possible, which lets their advertising dollars go even further.

Stampede Toyota DigitalCampaign 2

We created effective graphics for Stampede Toyota, and we manage all of their online digital campaigns, including Google, YouTube, and Meta.


Stampede Toyota’s search engine rankings have been improving steadily, and organic traffic has followed. Their overall number of inquiries and car sales are up 25% over the previous year.

They now appear on the first page of Google for many “Toyota” and “car dealership” related searches, for Calgary searchers. They’ve made their way into several top 3 spots, and can even appear as a featured map location (see graphic). That’s a lot more visibility!

Their digital campaigns have been a success as well. Due to the stellar results, they’ve actually tripled their ad budget since last year.

We are in constant communication with David and we plan upcoming campaigns together. We like to capitalize on any upcoming special events, and we can shift focus to particular vehicles they’d like to move. Marketing managers often appreciate the teamwork aspect of working with STEALTH, along with the fact that we pay close attention to what’s important in their business.

But don’t just take our word for it. Scroll down and see what David has to say about working with STEALTH Media.

Stampede Toyota Amazing SEO

“When working with Stealth, the biggest things have been the ease, and the expertise the team brings. Every bit of it has been flawless.”

David Smith, Stampede Toyota
Stampede Video Thumbnail

(Interview Transcript)

Good afternoon, my name is David. I’m the marketing director here with Stampede Toyota. I’ve been working with STEALTH for about a year now.

STEALTH is our go-to app management company. All of our Meta, Google, and YouTube ads are completely managed by them. We don’t have to worry about any of that. They’ve also done all of the SEO for our website, leading traffic directly to our page without having to pay even more money for advertising.

What made you reach out?

We were looking for a replacement for our existing marketing agency, which was handling our website as well, at the time. We were kind of looking for somebody who was going to fit with our brand and our values. We reached out to a few people, and Kyle reached out back to us. We had a great conversation and got along really well. It ended up being a good fit.

It’s been fantastic. Everything has been fairly seamless. Any hiccups haven’t been on the sell side. It’s usually been issues with the platforms, and the team is fast to respond. More often than not, they catch things before we do. So, it’s been pretty good.

Every problem we’ve come up against has ended up resolving itself before it’s even really a problem. A quick conversation back and forth, and we’re good to go. It’s really hard to think of negative feedback. It’s just been so smooth.

How have STEALTH’s services impacted your business?

One of the big things has been my time. I’m a one-man show here at the dealership, so knowing that I can trust the team and hand things off… I don’t have to worry about optimizing my content, writing my own SEO, or making sure all my content is set up properly. I just trust that when I hand it over, it’s good to go.

Now I have more time to focus on actually developing plans. Before, I was month-to-month catching up constantly, and now we’re way ahead of where we need to be on the curve. STEALTH’s team really helped with that.

People landing on our website are more likely to buy vehicles from us. We’ve actually seen an increase in our user conversion rate, which is something that we track very heavily here in the dealership. That has been a net positive. We’ve worked with the team to drive very specific people to our page, that are the right people. It’s been a huge benefit to us.

What would you say to business peers who haven’t worked with a marketing company before?

When working with Stealth, the biggest things have been the ease, and the expertise the team brings. Every bit of it has been flawless. We’ve been able to work easily with the team. We’ve been able to engage with the team, and when it comes down to it, I simply trust that STEALTH is going to have our best interests in mind, so I don’t worry about it. I just hand it off and I’m good to go.

Everyone I’ve worked with at STEALTH has been fantastic. Kyle is amazing. Richard, who has been managing a lot of accounts, has been awesome. Fed has been stellar. He jumped in head first into a very tricky thing – the automotive industry is definitely not an easy one to work with. To be able to integrate and engage with the team well is really nice.

Would you recommend STEALTH to others?

Of course I’d recommend STEALTH. 100%. These guys have been fantastic for me. Depending on what your needs are, they’ve got everything that’s going to fit in with your business. We’ve actually already recommended them to a few people, so I would 100% recommend STEALTH.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Stampede Toyota, and excited about working on many more projects with them in the future.

If you’re interested in being the next success story, get in touch today!