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Case Study

Scharfstein Law

Scharfstein LLP is one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They’ve serviced the business and personal legal needs of residents since the 1960s.

In this industry, first impressions are very important. After all, people want a lawyer who can handle their case with competence and care. So, when the Scharfstein website and overall brand started to feel dated, they brought in STEALTH.


Custom Web Design, Logo Design and Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Print and Traditional Media

The Challenge

When Scharfstein LLP came to us, they were called “Scharfstein | Gibbings | Walen | Fischer LLP”. Internally, they had already decided to simplify this name. They would need new branding and a logo to match.

Additionally, the Scharfstein LLP website had fallen behind the times. It looked outdated and plain, and it lacked a number of useful features that competing law firms were already taking advantage of.

Of course, they were also interested in increasing the number of clients they were getting through online channels.

We got to work on granting these wishes for Scharfstein LLP.

Our Approach
Logo and Branding

We presented Scharfstein with a handful of logo concepts and color schemes to consider. There was a large handful of partners involved in the final decision, which made it somewhat challenging to find something everybody loved!

After a few rounds of concepts and mockups, we finally landed on the perfect new look for their firm.

We created a style guide for Scharfstein, collecting their logo, colors, fonts, and other branding elements – and rules – into a single booklet.

Their new brand guidelines were key to the design of their stunning new website.

Custom Web Design

Like we said earlier, it was quite plain and starting to look outdated. Not to mention that it lacked some basic features (like a contact form!) that would make life easier for them and their clients alike.

Scharfstein Website Before
Scharfstein Website After

We took Scharfstein LLP’s new branding and created a fantastic new website for them. We wrote custom copy for many pages and created a unique design from scratch.

Their new “contact us” and “pay invoice” features have streamlined the flow of client inquiries and payment, saving time on their end.

They’re the envy of other law firms in Saskatoon!

Print Ad

We created a newspaper ad for the local paper that brought positive attention to the firm.

Scharfstein was happy with how it looked in print, and said it prompted a boost to inquiries over the following days.

Search Engine Optimization

In this industry, SEO is particularly effective. Second only to personal referrals, Google search is the next most likely method that people find and contact new lawyers when they find themself in a legal situation.

We implemented a number of SEO techniques, including page content updates, improvements to metadata, quality backlink generation, and a little bit of our secret sauce.

Scharfstein’s search engine rankings have steadily increased for 5 important and popular key search phrases.


Scharfstein LLP has a gorgeous website and overall brand that will knock the socks off their potential clients. Their search engine rankings have been improving, and overall inquiries have increased continuously.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Scharfstein LLP, and excited about our future together.

If you’re interested in being the next success story, get in touch today!